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Sears Tower Scaffold and Workers Chicago Buildings Chicago Buildings
Sears Tower on a cloudy day. Michigan St. buildings. Chicago Buildings.
DSC_2449_1000.jpg Field Museum Field Museum Thematic Globes
Field Museum. Field Museum. Thematic globes and Shedd Aquarium.
Lake Michigan Ferry Freedom Flight
Lake Michigan. Ferry and Lighthouse on Lake Michigan. Sailboat Freedom in Chicago Harbor. Seagull in Flight.
Lake Michigan Chicago Pirate Sears Tower In Between
Lake Michigan. Flying the Pirate flag in Chicago Harbor. Sears Tower and the Hilton Hotel. Building and 747.
Bizarro Building? Congress Hotel Chicago Buildings Chicago Buildings
Faceted building in Chicago. Congres Hotel. Michigan St. buildings. Downtown Chicago
Grant Park Chicago Fire Dept Ladder Truck Essex Inn Sears Tower
Grant Park path. Caught this while walking around Michigan St. in Chicago. The hotel I stayed in. Sears Tower at Night.
Rollerblades, iPod, and Construction Sears Tower Canyon  
Rollerblades, iPod, Construction, and Traffic. What could be dangerous about that? Sears Tower. Chicago Elevated Train.