Comments on New Camera - D700

Karen says:

Wow, these are impressive! Congrats on the new camera, Paul. Clearly what we have here is a quality camera being put to good use by a quality photographer.

P.S. I like them all, but I can't stop staring at number three. So vibrant, and there's an irresistible sense of texture. (Kinda makes me want to reach out and paw at the screen.) Nice.

Posted on 09/08/11 17:30:50

Paul says:

I love the marble picture also. I bought a tube of 9 shooters that are cool looking and a set of 3 handmade marbles that are the Earth, the Moon, and Mars in scale and with geographic markings on them. Trying to figure out a good way to photograph them

Posted on 09/11/11 01:20:33

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