Lord Cthulhu

11/05/08 22:31:00

Posted by: Paul

So, I was sitting around reading blogs and catching up on my RSS feeds when the doorbell rang. I answered the door and Nyarlathotep, The Crawling Chaos was standing there dressed nattily in a black suit. I couldn't quite be sure but it seemed like the flower in his lapel would move from time to time. I didn't want to look to closely.

Not sure what was going on I asked him why he was here, stating quite firmly that I hadn't been reading from the Necronomicon and I tried closing the door on him like I've done with so many Jehovah's Witnesses. He would have none of that, and I found him inside my apartment helping himself to a Diet Pepsi. He was disappointed that I didn't have Cherry Diet Pepsi. I didn't know how he had gotten in so fast.

He informed me that Cthulhu wanted a portrait, I don't think it was to give to his mother. And I was chosen to take it. I tried to explain that I was not qualified to do justice to Cthulhu. But you just can't argue with a god.

So, he comes in a few minutes later for his portrait. He seemed quite gracious, but even so, he overwhelmed my mortal mind and I curled up in a fetal ball and gibbered for a while. Cthulhu apparently understood his effect on mortals and was patient with me.

So after a bit of set up and some test shots this was the final result. I'm around to make this blog entry, so he must've approved of the portrait.

Click on the image for full size.

In all actuality, I was doing some experimentation with flash photography. The set up is one Impact EX100A strobe about 3' to the diagonal left at full power, one Nikon SB-800 to the diagonal right with a diffusing dome at 1/8 power, 1/250 f22 ISO 100 exposure.

This was taken in a fully lit room with no background drape. The background is dark due to the ISO, f-stop, and shutter speed and the flashes being so close to the subject and angled so it doesn't light the background (although if you look closely you can see it on the right side of the picture somewhat.

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