Site Change

02/24/05 23:09:00

Posted by: Paul

Well, I've made a slight site change. The menu is now on the left. I could never get used to it being on the right.

I've also got more changes planned. I can't seem to go long without some kind of upheaval. And since I'm not moving or changing jobs I guess the website must change. It must I say!

Ahhh. I forgot, I've added my Amazon wishlist to the page (linky) I get it directly from Amazon by using their XML interface. You can sign up for a "subscriber id" for free. Then you get access to the XML interface and all the documentation about it you care to read. The script is written in perl and requires Net::Amazon written by Michael Schilli. If you would like to have a copy of it you can download it amwish.tar.gz.

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