05/31/04 23:44:00

Posted by: Paul

I looked out the window tonight and saw the moon burning bright, almost full and the sky amazingly clear. I thought I would be able to improve on my attempts to take a good picture of the moon.

I rushed into my computer room and started getting my equipment ready. Grabbing my tripod and putting my Sigma 170-500mm lens on my camera.

However once I got outside I looked up and behold! Clouds had moved in. Oh well, since I had my camera in hand (or rather, on tripod), might as well go ahead and take some pictures. I got two that made some interesting images. Images were cropped, resized, desaturated and unsharp mask was applied.

Click on the image for full size.

Birth of Light #1

Birth of Light #1.

Birth of Light #2

Birth of Light #2.
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