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05/12/04 22:03:00

Posted by: Paul

I normally don't go for the internet Meme's floating around. "What kind of tree are you?", "What Star Trek character are you?". These things just don't do it for me. However I ran into one the other day that I decided I had to take. What Halloween Monster Are You?

My favorite genre of movies is Horror. Not the slasher movies that most people view as horror. But movies that truly creep you out or cause you to turn all of the lights on in your home. I admit I don't get creeped out like this (well, not since I was 10 years old). But I like the movies that can do it. The Exorcist, particularly the recently released version is one of the best. The Ring had some particularly chilling moments even if the entire film wasn't truly horrifying.

When I was young I'd stay up late on Friday night and watch the "Creature Feature" and then go to bed scared out of my wits. Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, The Wolfman were all my Friday night companions.

This is what drove me to participate (and perhaps perpetuate) this Meme. And that's enough of my rambling. What Halloween Monster am I?


Somewhere in your murky past, you were seduced to the dark side. You developed a fondness for velvet and dark fabrics, for long capes and dark red lipstick. You enjoy the evening, the shadow of the night. You tend to be sensual, and whether it's a new conquest or an old flame, a nibble on the neck is quite enticing.

Keep an eye open for the unbelieving, for those who treasure an early sunrise and have a wooden stake or two in their pockets. You never know when those bat-haters will track you down and put an end to your nocturnal pleasures!

I pretty much agree with most of this, except I don't have a penchant for velvet or capes of any kind. Dark red lipstick I like, as long as it's on the full lips of a beautiful woman. ;)
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