New organization

05/10/04 14:32:00

Posted by: Paul

Well I've decided to make different blog sections for my Photo Friday and Theme Thursday entries. You can get to those on the right hand menu.

Plus, if you haven't visited those sites you might take a look. The links to the sites are at the right under "Links".
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Theme Thursday: 'Twisted' - 5/6/04

05/10/04 13:54:00

Posted by: Paul

File Under: Theme Thursday

This is my entry for Theme Thursday 5-6-04. The theme for this week is "Twisted".

This is a gnarled and twisted tree from last winter.

Click on the tree for the full version, it looks much better not scaled down.

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Photo Friday: 'Play' - 5-7-04

05/10/04 13:12:00

Posted by: Paul

File Under: Photo Friday

Out at the lake taking some landscape pictures and this boat wandered into my frame. Someone playing around. Looks fun too. So I decided it should be my Photo Friday entry for the topic "Play".

Click the picture for the full size version.

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